Don't buy from Asian snake wine


my wife and i collect odd liquor bottles. She found one at Asian snake wine it has a snake and scorpion in the bottle.

We paid about 150.00 for it. They said it was held up in customs and was returned to them. I confirmed my address and they said it would be shipped promptly. They drug it out over about three months and when i filed a claim through pay pal they said to much time had passed.

I have contacted many times to try and at least get a refund all emails seem to fall on deaf ears. So beware of this company.

Monetary Loss: $150.



Happy with the products and the customer service (quick reply). Only delivery took 15 days but it is because of customs clearance in my country, they are too slow.


received my order from them very quickly, sorry for your problem


A bit expensive but great products impossible to find anywhere else, and anyway what is your risk as you can just be refunded by Paypal if you do not receive it for any reason ! Why people are so *** ?


What is the reason of this fake review ?

I have bought many bottles for my bar and everything always went fine.


Also received my bottles very quickly if it can help others ? It sounds like a fake review. Maybe concurrence ?

Dallas, Georgia, United States #655071

Hi, sorry to ask but I already got the wine from Buy-snake-wine shop and i am now looking different bottles ? Any help ? Thanks

Los Angeles, California, United States #622821

I bought on this shop and it took only 5 days to receive it. US customs have checked the parcel but no problem, so maybe you should not order goods that are illegal in your country and call others cheaters ?


Why would you buy that garbage anyway?

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